CN Labels

"We used it for the pasta salad and made 2 full pans .   They were both gone after 2nd lunch. It tastes real good if you rinse it after cooked with cold water. Will make more the next time."  Trish 

Topeka KS Manager

"I really love the product and I’m so glad it worked out for us to use it! 

Lindsay Pollino Smith RD, LD
Dietitian, Nutrition Services

"Kids couldn’t tell the difference and we’re menuing again in November!"

Mt. Diablo California

Red Lentil Pasta now is CN Labeled Approved and SNA ANC Secret Shopper award winner!

ProHealth's Red Lentil Pasta and schools are a natural fit, so pursuing a CN Label was an easy decision.  Turns out it was also an easy decision for the USDA, who awarded it with not one but two meat alternates per serving OR 1/2 Cup Legume*.  Students love having a pasta back that tastes like traditional pasta, and school foodservice directors love that it can count as a protein or the sometimes difficult 1/2 cup of legumes requirement**.  Mostly, foodservice directors love that the kids love it!

Red Lentil Pasta starts out orange but cooks to nearly the clarity of a traditional pasta.  Once you add their favorite sauce, they may never know the difference. 

Give us a try!  We are certain that once you've tried this pasta, you will have found your perfect school meal offering.  Pasta day may just turn out to be the kid's favorite lunch day of the week.

Red Lentil Pasta is a very economical protein. Contact us on where to purchase in your area.

*,** Refer to the CN Label below for complete "recognizable protein and legume" requirements